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Pros And Cons Of Housing Lifestyles

Consider All The Housing Types

People sometimes begin the home buying process without actually thinking about or reviewing their own preferences or circumstances. Other times, family members know their preferences but have conflicting choices. There are many situations that can affect the ultimate decision.

An Example

Some people work long hours most days of the week while others work involves a number of days on and then a number of days off. Fire fighers and law enforcement are prime examples of the latter group. Some folks are exceptionally handy and can fix anything while others would be uncomfortable using a hammer. Having a number of regular days off work, combined with being able to fix things could suggest a duplex or apartment building in the future.

By reviewing your options now, you may avoid wasting valuable time when someone introduces you to a lifestyle  you like better down the line a month or two. Worse yet, if you discover it after you have moved you may end in a home you are not satisfied with.

Take A Look At The Choices


Providing information on the lifestyle options available  before you begin your search helps  you determine which lifestyle interests you the most. For some, these comparisons may provide  a new direction to pursue in your search for the perfect lifestyle.

What Types Of Housing Fit Your Lifestyle?

The observations described on this page are based on comments made by a large number of people over time. This page is meant to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. This exercise allows you to make your lifestyle decision with confidence.  You realize this is an significant investment. This is why the goal is to help make the most informed buying decisions possible

If you have questions ask me. I will answer you.

  • Edie Roberts

    I put down a deposit on a mobile home. Financing was in the works. Was approved today and called the owner-he sold it to another person today. Is that legal?