1. Satisfying contract contingencies

    Satisfying contract contingencies Home buying contingencies are contractual requirements stating specific conditions upon which the closing of the purchase is dependent. Because a home is an expensive and complex structure, it is often difficult or costly to address all issues prior to agreeing to the terms of a purchase or sale. The practice of real […]

  2. Mortgage loan pre-approval in today's real estate market is a must if you plan on financing your purchase

    A mortgage loan pre-approval from a lender has gained more importance in real estate transactions than ever before. Mortgage lending has been affected the past several years with a heightened level of regulation in an attempt to prevent the types of abuses they believe created the real estate meltdown that began around 2008. Appraisal restrictions, […]

  3. The accepted offer

    So, you have the accepted offer, or you have accepted the counter-offer, now what? This information is not being presented to frighten or create doubt. If you chose a good agent and followed the receiving an offer advice you have reduced the risk of complications going forward. The idea here is that being fully informed […]