Month: February 2014

  • Using the same agent when downsizing

    Q:Should I use the same agent for selling and buying?A: In many circumstances using the same agent for both assignments are appropriate, yet there are situations where this may work against you. A bit of background will be helpful.

  • How to raise rents

      Reader Question: Hello, Monty! We are “babe in the woods” investors. We have a duplex in Portland, Oregon. We are not sure whether to raise rents at this time. Expenses have gone up about 5% since January 2013, in line with inflation in the state. Everyone’s heard the bad job data, and we’re afraid…

  • To move or not to move… the house?

    Reader Question: We own a one-acre lot on a street with mostly half-acre lots. We are considering splitting the lot into two half-acre lots. The only problem is the house is in the middle. It would cost about 75k to move the house to one side. Would it make sense to divide the lot? Elizabeth…