Month: December 2016

  • Pre-closing occupancy can work

    Reader Question: We need advice about convincing the seller to give us pre-closing occupancy. The seller’s agent has advised them not to let us move in. There was an unexpected appraisal problem. The problem was resolved, but chewed up weeks and put us in a bind with our current landlord. How can we change the…

  • Three relief sources with a real estate complaint

    What to do when you have a real estate complaint.

  • A home inspection is not always enough

    A home inspection does not reveal defects that are not visible. Occasionally, additional testing can provide information you need to proceed.

  • 3 tips for a great kitchen remodel

    Reader Question: We are wondering about a kitchen remodel. My family is considering selling my mother’s home. The wood floors and bathrooms were recently redone; only the kitchen is old. Do you recommend putting $10,000 into replacing the kitchen cabinets and updating some of the appliances before selling? I have heard that the buyer often wants…