1. Is a dome home a risky project?

    Reader Question: My wife and I are considering building a dome home on an acre we own free and clear. The estimated cost of construction would be around $100,000. All the other homes near us are aging double-wide (1990’s) manufactured homes. My research indicates we would be the only one within 100 miles. We are […]

  2. We have a weak homeowners association board. What can we do to change things?

    Reader Question: We have a weak homeowners association board. Our homeowner’s association (HOA) has bylaws. The HOA is not proactive in enforcing them and has allowed residents to violate, only addressing the violations if someone files a complaint. This refusal to proactively monitoring property conditions puts the complaining homeowner in harm’s way by exposing them to […]

  3. We are in our late seventies. We have decided we want to stay in our home. Our children keep hinting that we find another option. Do you have any advice?

    Reader Question: We are considering aging in place. We are in our late seventies and both in pretty good health. Our children keep hinting to us that we should sell our house and move into some age-based community. We have checked out some different options, of which there are many, and it seems they all have […]