Month: April 2020

  • Home seller questions agent motives

      Reader Question: We used a buyer agent to find a new home. Now we need to sell our home. We got him to look at our house. The lower commission does not seem to motivate him, and he is not interested in us now that we have concluded buying a home. He wants to…

  • Is there a superior method to evaluate homes?

    Our reader this week views appraisals as obsolete. While there is some credence to his opinion, the better mousetrap remains elusive particularly, when the experts are expecting to conquer the challenge without even inspecting the property. I, for one, believe a set of knowledgeable eyeballs physically observing the property will be challenging to eliminate. Online…

  • Do unkempt neighborhood homes affect my home’s value?

    Homeowner has a feeling the neglected homes in the neighborhood are affecting value. When they learn the answer, they will have a decision to make.

  • Four Suggestions to Protest Your Tax Assessment

    Our reader is frustrated that the town assessor is not cooperating with his argument for reducing property taxes. It can be difficult to win these battles, but here are a few thoughts that may help.