Month: August 2020

  • When the listing agent and seller are great friends

    Reader Question: Just put an offer on a house, and we are under contract. The listing agent and seller are great friends, live on the same street, and have known each other for many years. They are friends with a contractor who does work for them. Following my home inspection, some items came up. The…

  • Can real estate agents “game” the MLS system?

    Reader Question: ​Can real estate agents “game” the MLS system?​ ​When my current listing expires, how long do I need to wait to list again if I want my second listing to be marked “new” instead of “relist?” ​ ​ ​Monty’s Answer: There are over 700 multiple listing services (MLS) in the U.S., and they…

  • Six considerations in selling your home yourself

    Our readers today are considering selling their home without using a real estate agent. As home prices rise and real estate fees rise with them, the industry is experiencing resistance. There are more and more options appearing to meet the demand for lower rates.

  • Does extended market time reduce a home’s value?

    Reader Question: We have a real estate agent telling us not to list our home for more than ten-percent above her recommended price. She claims that if we do, it will ultimately cause us to accept an offer that is lower than any offer we would get if we listed at her suggested price. She…

  • Home Seller Upset As Buyer Refuses To Share The Appraisal

    Seller upset buyer refuses to share the appraisal and is considering backing out and renting the house. Seller does not realize the consequences for taking this route. Calming down and patience may help.