1. Does the buyer pay fees?

    Reader Question: Do buyers pay a fee when buying real estate? Sam D. Monty’s Answer: The answer is, in some cases “yes.” Real estate companies and agents utilize a variety of philosophies to establish the fees they charge for their services. There are flat fees regardless the selling price, limited service fees, percentage of the […]

  2. What do I do if I'm not ready to move out at closing?

    Reader Question: my property is for sale. It has been my primary residence for 40+ years. My Realtor wants to know ‘If an offer were made would I be willing to vacate the premises upon the day of closing?” What if I move all my belongings into storage and the buyer backs out of the sale at the last […]

  3. How do I ensure a successful real estate closing?

    Many real estate transactions end in water-cooler conversations. The closing takes place, but not on the date planned, or money requirements require changes, or the seller took the washer and dryer; or dozens of other possibilities. Ensuring a successful real estate closing is attainable. Many real estate closings take place on time and as agreed. […]