1. Should we sue a home buyer that backed out last minute?

    Reader Question: My wife and I had a contract to sell our home for cash. The buyer gave us 3 weeks to vacate. All contracts were signed, the house passed inspection and all disclosure were made and understood by the buyer. We had a moving sale, selling the bedroom set, some furniture, garden tractor, etc. We also purchased another home […]

  2. Should I borrow money from my parents?

    Reader Question: Hello Monty, I purchased my home in the summer of 2007 for $400,000. To help with my interest rate, my folks took out a home equity loan for $80,0000. I am now regretting that decision. I need to sell my home, and I am not sure I will recuperate enough cash to pay […]

  3. Can I ignore a counteroffer?

    Reader Question: If a buyer has a contract on a house, home inspection was done and the buyers attorney filed a letter to the seller’s attorney that all work has to be done by the seller and have not received a response can the listing agent put this property listed on the market with a lower amount […]

  4. How do closing costs work?

    Reader Question: Monty, is there a difference in an offer that reads: Sellers is to pay 3% closing costs for buyer’s allowable non allowable closing costs. And one that reads: Seller is to pay up to 3% of the purchase price for buyer’s allowable and non-allowable closing costs. Also, if a seller agree to pay up […]

  5. The basic facts for real estate negotiation

    Negotiations Are An Important Key So many times I have seen ego, misinformation or just downright stubbornness cost a sale unnecessarily. In most cases, one or both of the parties were not willing to consider the concern or objection of the other party. Many critical concerns will be  discussed and decided upon during the real […]