1. When should I lower the price?

    Reader Question: My broker wants me to lower my price. The home has been on the market for less than a month for the price of $249,900. She wants it to be $239,900. I cannot go any lower because I have a mortgage and a home equity loan in the amount of $160,000. What should […]

  2. Should I renovate a house in a run-down area?

    Reader Question: Are there any strategies or tips for renovating houses in run-down areas? A friend and myself want to purchase and renovate a property, but the budget is limiting the types of properties available to us. We have found plenty of houses within the budget that require renovating at a price we believe we […]

  3. Can a house be too clean?

    Reader Question: Monty. 20 showings and no offers…5 interested people, two second showings. Comments have been very clean, but a lot of people do not like the lay out. We have 2300 square feet with a large kitchen, dining room, large family room, 3 full baths, 4 bedroom and an unfinished 5th room over the garage. […]

  4. How should I prepare my home for showing?

    Under the looking glass Imagine the home buyer walking into your home with a large magnifying glass ready to examine every nook and cranny. Even if  the magnifying glass is not physically visible, it is present to every prospective home buyer. That’s why it is up to you, the home seller, to present your home […]