Dear Monty Newspaper Partnerships

Dear Monty is pleased to acknowledge and thank our newspaper partners for their current or past participation as their support provides an additional platform for the Dear Monty message. Their readers new insights will help improve the quality of their real estate experiences, and fosters the growth of broad community-based real estate understanding.

Dear Monty offers constructive commentary for educating consumers of real estate services about how real estate works. Dear Monty believes the real estate brokerage industry is flawed, that the flaws are invisible and expose consumers to inordinate risk when buying and selling real property. Dear Monty provides the real estate consumer an opportunity to educate themselves, in advance, to achieve the desired outcome; a positive real estate transaction. The knowledge behind the Dear Monty website evolved from over many years of experience and experimentation in improving the delivery of real estate services. Below is the roll of Dear Monty newspaper partnerships. Monty does not moderate this list, as the newspaper industry changes rapidly.