Simple Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

Project Name: <address of building>

Date: <date of request>

RFPs due date: <date proposal due>

Listing Date: Immediate

reply to: <senders email address> with a copy to < committee head email address>

This RFP is a simple project to list and sell the property at <street address> as our group is downsizing.

We are looking to choose an agent that is enthusiastic about finding a buyer. We are hoping to connect with someone who “goes the extra mile.” We would like to know how you would go about marketing the property. We would like you to tell us the best price we can expect, and the lowest price we should take for the property. We are hopeful that you will provide us a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO) that demonstrates how you got to the price points you recommend. We would like to know what it will cost us for your services, and any additional charges may be added to your fees to close the sale.

Expectations for deliverable are as follows:

  • A BPO/CMA that includes the best price and lowest price we can expect
  • A sample listing contract you would propose
  • An outline of the activities you undertake to promote the property
  • Consenting to a face-to-face interview with our three person team

Any other information you could provide that could add value to your proposal

  1. recommendations from other clients
  2. addresses of similar properties you have sold or listed
  3. a story of your favorite customer service experience
  4. all of your contact information
  5. any questions you may have

Thank you for your interest in the project. Feel free to be in touch with questions and note that proposals are due no later than <the day, date and year> Happy to set up a call to chat if that’s necessary.

Warm regards,

<sender first and last name>

<sender phone number>