1. What is a real estate transferee?

    A Family Moving For An Employer A transferee is an individual whose employer has asked them to relocate.  Companies relocate employees for a wide variety of business reasons. In many cases, these new assignments are long term and require that the entire family’s participation in the relocation. Typically, the employee sells their home in the […]

  2. My employer has created family uncertainty asking us to move across the country. We have never done this before. What is your advice?

    When you have been transferred, seek out the person that administers your relocation benefit immediately on notification of the new assignment. Do not depend on the water cooler talk with other employees as it may result in misunderstandings or miscommunications. The water cooler is not aware of a variety of internal and external communications that […]

  3. What makes a good relocation counselor?

    Help Us Make Your Job Easier When the relocation counselors do their job the move goes smoothly for the relocating employee and their family. Help your transferees by reading through the web site articles. It is a small investment in your time. You discover powerful information and insight that will allow you to improve the […]