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When the relocation counselors do their job the move goes smoothly for the relocating employee and their family. Help your transferees by reading through the web site articles. It is a small investment in your time. You discover powerful information and insight that will allow you to improve the relocation advice to your transferees. You can refer to data to help them deal with inspectors, lenders, agents and much more. It is information you can utilize successfully throughout the process that you will not find elsewhere-all in one place.

The Goal

The basic goal is to improve the experience for the employee and their family throughout the relocation process. This is accomplished through practical education, insights and direction they can use right now. You may be thinking “How can a service that has been around for centuries be improved?”  I know the process can improve because I have implemented improvements. With your help and encouragement cost containment and service can improve faster and more efficiently on a much larger scale.

“The Erosion of Service In The Relocation Industry”

Have you read the article named above that Jim Simon wrote back in May of 2007? If you have not, here is a link to the article: ” The Erosion of Service In The Relocation Industry. ” The article was quite critical about how service in the relocation industry had slipped for a variety of reasons.

I thought it was an exceptionally persuasive article. I suspect most everyone who read it came away thinking they were going to work to change things for the better, but overall, I have seen nothing in the years since the article was published that has changed.

I believe relocation services continue to erode. The relocation industry faults the recession. I suspect most, but not all, the relocation service providers believe the recession is the cause. The recession is simply disguising the underlying causes  temporarily. provides insights and perspective that are decidedly different from other sources of relocation information.

What Can You Do?

The real estate process is not glamorous, or even an intriguing subject to most people. It is mundane like accounting or actuary work. Many consumers of the brokerage services real estate agents provide, including relocation counselors, see the buying or selling of a home as a single transaction. In practice, it is actually a series of transactions that culminate in a title transfer. Interestingly, all the crucial decisions occurred much earlier than the closing.

As you read the web sites articles, I am hopeful we can make progress together. Let’s talk about the real estate process, valuing a home and the appraisal function. We can also discuss how to set prices and allow the market to react. We can discuss why setting artificial asking price limits to a certain percentage about appraisal  hurts the employee, or other policy issues. We can set new subjects for team meetings and more. The sky is the limit! Your identities will remain anonymous in the online forum.  You can speak freely and frankly without judgement on your opinions or questions. This is an open and transparent atmosphere where innovation and common sense can thrive.

Relocation Nirvana

The relocation industry can improve their efficiency results  and service quality by modifying the way they set policies, manage the re-sales and control expenditures. Between those items and deploying more advanced programs, costs in many programs can be reduced significantly. The impact of the savings is dependent on your current policies. The focus on service fees is a fairly small percentage number of the total costs incurred in relocation. In spite of this fact, corporations constantly focus on reducing the fees and overlook the real opportunities for improvement.

Unintended Consequences

As an example in 1985 the typical referral fees agents paid for access to the relocating employee was between 20-25 percent of the side of sale. Today, referral fees are thirty to thirty five  percent of the side of sale. The corporate focus on cost saving identified relocation service fees as an opportunity. When they  pressured relocation companies to reduce service fees, the relocation company increased agent referral fees to maintain margins. This has quietly caused an exodus of some well qualified real estate agents who, because they are in general demand, no longer accept relocation referrals.

If the focus is on the mundane tasks performed daily throughout the real estate process, utilizing proven DearMonty insights, you can reduce expenses substantially. I will say it again, service fees and real estate commissions are not the cause of soaring relocation costs. Loss on sale and holding costs are on the top of the ladder. We have a mutual goal. A higher quality of relocation service delivered at a lower cost. Relocation Nirvana.

Let’s start a conversation. Together we can do much better. Ask me your questions or share your comments. I will respond.








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