1. Selling your home? Be certain to check out the competition.

    Reader Question: Monty, what market information do we need to help us determine the asking price when we first offer our home for sale? Doug P. Monty’s Answer: Hello Doug, and thanks for your question. The words “market information” infer the question asked is about external market data separate from the data about your home. Asking about […]

  2. How much is my small commercial property worth?

    Reader Question: My husband and I own a small business on a commercially zoned street in a city with about 100,000 people. We are thinking of selling the business and property. Could you recommend an appraiser here? The building is very old and is “grandfathered.” We also own an adjoining parking lot. We would like […]

  3. Do extra outbuildings add to the price?

    Reader Question: Is it proper in valuing residential real estate to adjust the comparable sales value by the “cost” of amenities not present in the comparison properties (i.e. an outbuilding-indoor riding arena)? Fran D. Monty’s Answer: Hello Fran, thanks for your question. The answer is “yes,” unless the building is about to fall over. Fee […]

  4. How do you evaluate investment property?

    Reader Question: My parents have rental properties and are thinking of selling them off to fund retirement. How would you go about evaluating investment property? We know what the house appraised for, but do you somehow figure in the income the property makes? I guess what I am asking is ” Is the property worth more […]

  5. How much is 40 acres worth?

    Reader Question: I have 39.75 acres off I-40. What is it worth? Mike Monty’s Answer:  Hello Mike. I cannot answer the question without walking the land. I-40 is a 2,559 miles long highway. It goes through 8 states; from large metro areas to very isolated rural places. The property values along the highway vary like […]

  6. How can I challenge an appraisal?

    Reader Question: We are thinking of selling our home. We ordered a home appraisal which we just received in the mail. We do not agree with the opinion of value they came up with but we do not know how to go about challenging them. What should we do?             […]

  7. What is the true price of a home?

    “A Pig in a Poke” We’ve all heard this phrase. It means to buy something that is worth less than you thought it was. Determining a home’s value is one of the biggest struggles for buyers of real estate. For sellers, the reverse, being underpaid, is true. Both buyer and seller wonder how they can protect […]