1. When is the right time to buy or sell?

    If you have influence over timing your real estate move, the following suggestions can help you make the most of it. Timing can impact you both positively and negatively. There are many variables that will affect the timing of your purchase or sale. Place each of your considerations into one of the two categories: market […]

  2. What makes a good relocation counselor?

    Help Us Make Your Job Easier When the relocation counselors do their job the move goes smoothly for the relocating employee and their family. Help your transferees by reading through the web site articles. It is a small investment in your time. You discover powerful information and insight that will allow you to improve the […]

  3. What is the listing agreement?

    An employment agreement In the simplest terms, the listing agreement is an employment contract between the home seller and the broker. The agreement describes the relationship between the two parties. It is driven by state and federal law to ensure compliance with existing law and outlines each party’s responsibilities in the process. When both sides […]