Throwing The Bathtub Out With The Bathwater

Reader Question: Dear Monty, I have a real problem and I’m hoping you can help me. My husband and I are in our 60’s and planning on remodeling a small bathroom in our bedroom. I want to remove the tub with a larger shower only for easier access for us in our future, but my husband wants to continue to keep the tub/shower. He thinks that having a tub is a huge selling point in the house, but we are not thinking of selling the house in the near or distance future. I did remodel one bathroom room on the second floor and replaced the tub with a huge shower already so removing this tub would mean we are now “tubless”. Our remodelers have told us that we can of course give the next owner a credit for putting the tub in if that would make the sale which makes sense to me but not to my husband. What is your opinion?

Monty’s Answer: Hello Donna, both tub versus shower and handling finances are personal preferences. Assuming both choose to shower, and that you are financially secure, I see no reason not to go ahead with your plan. Enjoying your home in your 60’s while both are still in excellent health is a sound idea. In my opinion, saving $1,000-2,000 contemplating an event that may never occur is not as good an option. I am no statistician, but I suspect it may be more likely one of you could fall in the tub than lose a good sale because you do not have one.

The Advantages Of The Shower

I believe most people prefer a shower to the use of a tub. I can even make the case for a stall shower being a better selling point than a tub. Consider:

  •  It is safer.
  •  Faster.
  •  Less expensive to operate.
  •  Easier to clean.

The only disadvantage is washing the dog is more difficult in the shower.

The Exceptions To This Advice

My advice will be different in different circumstances. For someone going to sell in a few years, young families considering children or with children, or families not yet financially established I would simply add the shower to the tub. If, the next buyer of your home has a young family, it may or may not be an issue. The idea your remodeler had suggested is a good one. In my opinion, it overcomes your husband’s concern.

My last comment is to consider a shower base that is a non-skid material. Water can make surfaces slippery. I hope my answer helps. Good luck with the project.









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