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Determining Price

The biggest misconception in real estate is that every home has its price. This idea is simply not true. Even appraisers, who have extensive training to evaluate homes will not agree on the value. If ten appraisers were paid for determining price on the same home on the same day each opinion will be different. The real truth is that every home has its price range. We often struggle and negotiate hard to find the right price when there is more than one right price for every home. There is a complete home value range for every home. Your goal is to assure yourself that you are within that range of value. Click here to learn the details.

Let’s look at some specific questions sent in by DearMonty readers from across the country. Read more Q&A articles about the “Determining Price” stage of the Home Selling process:

  1. Our agent is pricing our home using mass produced comps for our custom built home. How is it possible to compare them to our home?

    Reader Question: Our agent’s home pricing is confusing. The area we live developed with colonial style homes that all look the same. Our home is a craftsman style home that is custom-built. We built our home with branded concrete siding, expensive composite decking, and custom maple cabinets with built-ins throughout the home. We have heated […]

  2. Should we do a kitchen remodel before selling our home?

    Reader Question: We are wondering about a kitchen remodel. My family is considering selling my mother’s home. The wood floors and bathrooms were recently redone; only the kitchen is old. Do you recommend putting $10,000 into replacing the kitchen cabinets and updating some of the appliances before selling? I have heard that the buyer often wants […]