Preparing Your Home

Why Is Preparing Your Home So Important? First put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Assume two homes are virtually identical. They are both the same price and in the same neighborhood. Except, one of them is un-kept. Which one will you buy? If you chose the un-kept one because it was 3 blocks closer to work, how much less would you be willing to offer because you know you will have to spend time and money to freshen it up? There can be a thin line between upkeep and repair – condition and cleanliness, but sharp homes usually sell faster and for more money.

Remember you are competing with other neighbors who are also trying to sell their homes. Every move you make either benefits you – or benefits your competing neighbor. Comment to me with your questions and I’ll try to answer all of them. Click here to learn the details.

Let’s look at some specific questions sent in by DearMonty readers from across the country. Read more Q&A articles about the “Preparing Your Home” stage of the Home Selling process: