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Receive an offer

To receive an offer is a mixed blessing.  There are only two choices to make here, accept the offer or reject it (a counter-offer is actually a rejection). There are a number of reasons your agent may be reluctant to recommend a counter-offer. One may be because by taking their advice only to have the buyer bolt, a home seller could blame them. In reality, most buyers are expecting a counter-offer.

This is a crucial point in a real estate transaction. The market itself suggests what to do. Some agents will not analyze an offer unless they are asked directly. Some agents do not know how to analyze an offer. Other agents make their job easier and your decisions more confident by demonstrating what the market suggests. Between your circumstances, the market’s input, agent experience and your own perceptions, the answer will appear. Click here to learn the details. Click here to learn the details.


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      Reader Question: My wife and I own a large tract of land. We want to sell off a one hundred acre parcel. We have a written offer-to-purchase that has been in negotiation for over ninety days. The buyer wants a “right-of-first-refusal (ROFR) should we sell off more land in the future. The offer contains […]